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From the fertile hills of Shizuoka, First Leaves brings you Japan’s most exquisite green tea, Yabukita.

We choose only the prized tender leaves of the first spring harvest, richest in vitamins, polyphenols and flavorful amino acids.

Our tea master carefully prepares the leaves to surrender the sublime taste and sweet fragrance you experience when drinking the finest green tea.


On Japan’s central Pacific Coast, the green hills of Fuji City, Shizuoka provide the rich, fertile soil where the finest tea leaves in the world grow. Well-named, ‘Shizu’ means tranquil and ‘oka,’ hills. Their lush vegetation is fed by streams flowing from the great northern mountains, including majestic Mt. Fuji. The singular blend of abundant sunshine, mild seasons, ideal rainfall and coastal fog, create the perfect climate for our exceptional Yabukita to flourish.
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